Improve or Add On to the Home You Love

Love your home and neighborhood, but need more space? Have some tired-looking spaces that could use a facelift?

Consider a Benchmark renovation, addition or remodeling project. We’ll help you stay in the location you love, and still have an updated space with the features you’re longing for.

We can help you sort through the options and come up with the best solution that blends seamlessly with your existing house. We’ll help you incorporate the organizational features that will make life easier, and let you know what features are becoming popular.

We are experienced in accommodating your family so that the house is livable during most changes. And, we can assist you with the details and choices of colors, finishes, fixtures, hardware and materials so that the end result is beautiful and tasteful, yet fits your unique vision.

A professional Benchmark remodel of your home will not only add to it’s value, it will transform your home in the neighborhood you love into a place where you love to live. You’ll wish you had done it sooner!

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