Magazine Cover: Building Edge Magazine, Article about Benchmark.Building Edge Magazine Cover (May 2006)

They pride themselves on providing more than the industry standards. They have won the highest trust and confidence of their clients by giving superior service and quality in every home they build. Benchmark Developers live(s) up to the reputation of First Impressions That Last A Lifetime…..

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Magazine Cover: Builder Architect Magazine, Article about Benchmark.Builder/Architect Cover (January 2002)

Mark Rasch, president of Benchmark Developers, and Mary Bendel, president of Cachet Homes, have formed a partnership that allows them to focus on their customers – the most important aspect of their custom home building business….

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January 2000 Builder-Architect article featuring Mark RaschBuilder/Architect Cover (January 2000)

Photographs of BenchMark Developers’ award-winning Willow are featured, a custom home with cultured stonework inside and out. The home featured here also has a two-story great room with custom wood cabinetry and entertainment shelves, a luxurious master bath, deluxe kitchen and extensive ceramic and marble floor tiles.

Several BenchMark Homer Award Winners are described, including the 1995 winner:

…BenchMark Custom Home Builders, Inc. was awarded the prestigious Homer Award for a 3,000-square-foot home with an atrium overlooking several acres of wooded privacy in Town and Country.
The home is a one-and-one half story beauty with a raised marble entry, architectural doorway headers, and plant shelves, as well as large, round columns throughout the home, which give the interior a Roman look…”

The article comments on Mark’s attention to researching and alleviating the most common new home buyers’ concerns, as well as his interest in a high level of communication with each client.

“BenchMark Custom Home Builders, Inc., Building New Homes in Old Kirkwood “, by Deborah A. Chesley, Pages 6 to 8, Builder/Architect, St. Louis Edition – January 2000

2006 Article in Building Edge
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2002 article in Builder-Architect:
Benchmark Developers & Cachet Homes:Partners in Building Success  by Deborah A. Chesley

The Partners

Mark Rasch, President of Benchmark Developers, has a wealth of expertise in land development, site supervision, and quality control. Mary Bendel, President of Cachet Homes, prefers to focus her creative energy and strong accounting background to design and coordinate the building of quality homes with lasting value. Together, Mark and Mary have well over 20 years’ experience in real estate and you can readily see that a partnership of the two is a natural. They can now focus on what they do best. The result is a win-win situation: a better home for every client, and a more successful business for Mark and Mary.Construction manager Jim Hulsey is also an important part of the Benchmark-Cachet team. Having been a finish trim carpenter for many years, Jim has a great eye for detail and considerable experience to draw on. Jim is on the job everyday-coordinating fieldwork, communicating with subcontractors, supervising employees, and seeing that each home is built to the high standards of quality and value that Benchmark and Cachet are known.

Benchmark and Cachet have their roots in Kirkwood and they enjoy building in their “hometown”. However, they also build in all of the prime St. Louis County neighborhoods including Clayton, Crestwood, Des Peres, Frontenac, Glendale, Sunset Hills, Town and Country, University City, and Webster Groves. They build in virtually all St. Louis areas, and offer a full range of development and construction services on customer owned home sites.

Whether planning intimate custom home neighborhoods or developing single sites, Mark Rasch is constantly searching St. Louis County to find the most desirable new home sites. In partnership with Cachet, Benchmark specializes in building new custom homes on sites in established St. Louis neighborhoods.

The Philosophy
Council of the HBA. Mark’s wife, Laura, has worked at the HBA for more than 16 years, so the Rasch family has made a quite a substantial investment of time and resources in the HBA.

Mark and Mary place great emphasis on community involvement and volunteer their time and services both personally and professionally. They have both been consistently involved with the HBA in working with the national “Christmas in April” program, which is known locally as “Rebuilding Together”. Mark and Mary also offer financial support to the HBA’s Charitable Foundation and to Habitat for Humanity.

Lasting Value, Inspired Beauty
When building a home, the Benchmark-Cachet team looks at the long term and incorporates techniques and materials that will stand the test of time. Some of their standard quality features include glued and screwed sub-flooring, full felt roofs, high quality exterior sheathing, appropriate underlayment for sto/masonry, and additional amounts of rebar and mesh in any concrete work. They also use hurricane straps on trusses, plumbing nail guards and double sill sealer underneath the sill plates. Mark says, “We want the home to look newer longer, and we want it to be as maintenance-free as possible. We have some of the best finishers working with us, and the quality in our framing and trim is second to none.”

Since Benchmark Developers & Cachet Homes build mainly in established neighborhoods, their clients generally have a desire for some differentiation, as well as for their new home to complement the surrounding homes and natural landscapes. Building a beautiful home is sometimes only one of the components that increase the value of the property. Mark and Mary appreciate that mature trees can be a valuable asset to a home.

“The neighborhoods where we build inspire our creative use of architectural styles, colors, materials, texture, and attention to elevation details,” says Mary. “Our buyers want the exterior of their home to have memorable curb appeal and the interior to be comfortable, not pretentious. Whatever the style of the home is, our unique exterior elevations create a sense of permanent value.”

The Personalities
Mark Rasch and Mary Bendel are very energetic-in building their personal lives, as well as in building homes. Mark and his wife, Laura, live in Des Peres with their two daughters, Marissa (5) and Sydney (2). Mark started his business career by following his father, Oliver Rasch, in the family-owned business, Rasch Service Station, in Kirkwood, MO. Mark capitalized on the entrepreneurial lessons that he learned from his father and fostered his love for real estate when he formed Benchmark Homes in 1992. Mark still follows his passion for engines as is evident in his love of sports cars, boats, and-especially-Harley Davidson motorcycles.

Mary graduated from St. Louis University in 1982 and started her career in public accounting with Ernst & Young. In 1989, she moved her accounting expertise into the commercial real estate sector and by 1994 had joined her ex-husband on a full-time basis in residential real estate. Mary’s father was a Local # 47 carpenter and, with his moral support, she became sole owner of Cachet Homes in 1996. Mary is currently adopting a baby from Antigua City, Guatemala. Mary’s father died on September 22, 2001, and Mary was inspired to learn that the infant had been born on that same day. Mary eagerly anticipates having the baby girl in her home in Kirkwood by Spring 2002.

Mary and Mark have been close personal friends for over ten years and had been networking their businesses years before they legally formed their partnership in 1998.

Builder/Architect is pleased to feature the partnership of Cachet Homes and Benchmark Developers as Builder of the Month. Benchmark Developers, LLC and Cachet Homes, Inc. can be reached by telephone at (314) 822-1057 or (314) 909-7593.


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